valentines-dayValentine’s Day can be a great time to reconnect with your spouse or show your new partner how much you care. A candle-lit dinner at your favourite restaurant, a dozen red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates are all lovely ideas, but this year, truly make it a night to remember with some of our suggestions below.

Play with your food

A sexy dessert is a perfect way to set the mood for the rest of your date. Women get turned on by food, and a man who knows how to cook can be even sexier than the actual meal. An added bonus is that sexy desserts can be eaten anywhere and some don’t need bowls if you want to get creative. You can play with strawberries dipped in chocolate or maybe a hot fudge sundae made with vanilla ice cream covered with melted chocolate or caramel and topped with fresh whipped cream and cherries.

Check out the stars

starsIf the weather’s good, make up a picnic basket to include your favourite snacks and drinks and lie in the grass on a soft blanket under the stars. Share what it is you love about your sweetheart and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

If snow is on the ground, head for the hills and be kids for a while and make a snowman, dance in the snowflakes as they fall or make snow angels on the ground. Alternatively, have fun at the local ice-skating rink. Come home to a warm fire and a mug of hot chocolate.

Be a tease

teaseValentine’s day is the day that you want to be physically close to your partner. Build the sexual tension by playing your favourite songs and dancing together. No dance is sexier than the salsa, so find a salsa club or take a private lesson together. Whatever your dance style, enjoy the tease of body-contact as you move to the groove and see where the mood takes you.

Naked Fitness

Studies show that cardio exercise is good for a man and a woman’s libido. Book in a zumba class or a hot yoga session together or try a Wii Fit Exercise at home with choices of tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and golf. The naked fitness comes after you’ve finished sweating, then it’s time to have a shower or bath together.

Romantic Gifts

romanticBuying a gift from the Valentine’s aisle of your local store or online at whilst you’re doing your weekly shop isn’t imaginative. Put some effort into arranging eleven red roses to be delivered to your sweetheart at work. When they return home, have the twelfth rose waiting for them in your bedroom where you’ve laid out some sexy treats. You can make the twelfth rose an eternal rose, made of porcelain, glass or a real rose gilded in precious metal. This rose will be a reminder of your Valentine’s night together.

Another idea is to have a couple’s photo shoot. Hire a professional to take a special portrait of you both. This photo shoot can be as sexy as you’re both comfortable with. Alternatively, visit a local beauty spot and take pictures together and of each other. Collect all the photos onto a digital photo frame as a memory of your day together, or have your favourite photograph made into a canvas to display at home.

Look into the future

Valentine’s day is a lovely time to talk about your relationship to date and your aims, wishes and desires for the future. This is an opportunity to tell your partner how truly grateful you are to have them in your life and a chance for you to look forward to your future together.

Do you have a dream holiday you would like to take? Do you have a skill you want to learn or improve? What do you want your future work-life balance to be? Spend a couple of hours making a collage of what you are grateful for and what you wish for as individuals and as a couple. This is a a great memory to look back on and see how things change over time and will surely bring you closer together.