A cruise wedding? Romantic, right. Imagine getting married in a cruise ship in the middle of the sea! Or maybe in a romantic island under a palm tree. The benefit of a cruise wedding is that you will not have to invite that long list of guests, which would translates to added stress in the logistics. Also, unlike a land-based wedding, cruise weddings are cheaper, easier to plan and it also mean that you will get wedded on your way to your honeymoon, no unpacking will be required. The only problem that you might be faced with when considering a cruise wedding would be mechanical breakdowns, obtaining licenses or bad weather. Plus it is not always an exciting idea to have your in-laws around on your honeymoon.

Here are some of the things you need to put into consideration when planning a cruise wedding:

    • In a cruise wedding, you do not have much say on exactly how your wedding will be. This is because the cruise lines usually offer a fully serviced wedding and there are those that do not allow you to have an onboard wedding. As much as you have a say in the wedding plans, you will be provided by customized packages to choose from.
    • With the increasing popularity in cruise weddings, some of the popular cruise ships are now charging extra charges during some seasons. Your advantage here is that you will be dealing with professional wedding coordinators who have and still plan hundreds of years all year round.
    • If you are looking to have a cruise wedding where you will be married by a captain, there will be a limitation to the cruise lines that you will have access to. This is because there are legal limitations due to the countries where the ship has been registered.
    • There are those cruise lines that have their private islands where you can have your vow renewal or wedding. These cruise lines can therefore perform the ceremony onboard or at the island. However, the legal marriage that involves signing of papers will take place at the cruises terminal before leaving the port.
    • If you want to have your wedding at the port, this can be awesome but comes with some restrictions. Sometimes the ship might have to cancel their call. This is because sometimes the port might require the ship to tender. In case of bad weather, the tender operations might be hampered, denting your wedding plans. This is also the reason why it is not recommended to plan your wedding at the shore during the hurricane seasons.

  • If the not all the people invited the wedding will be sailing, you can have your wedding onboard with the ship still docked to the port. With this, you will have the wedding and the party onboard then the guests and the clergy then debark when it is done.
  • Legalizing your wedding at the sea can be a tricky and complicated process. It is therefore important that you have your wedding planner explain the entire process to you clearly.