Atlantic cruising, also known as Atlantic crossing is one of the cheapest and most interesting form of cruising for people who mostly love spending their time in the sea. Atlantic cruising majorly entails two main types that are most practiced by sea lovers and they both bring about fun in crossing the sea depending on the time spent in the sea. The first Atlantic cruising type is repositioning which mostly take place in Caribbean and Europe and mainly takes place during spring and falls when the cruise lines moves their ships in relation to seasons. The other type Atlantic cruising is Queen Mary 2 which mostly involves the crossing Atlantic for the fun of it between the England’s Southampton and the New York City within six to eight days. On that matter the following discussion is going to concentrate and expound on the Atlantic cruise tips.

Bring entertainment. While crossing Atlantic ocean it a good thing to consider on how you are going to have fun in the ship in the one week or so cruising. One may decide to stock himself with books to read in the ship, stocking your phone with music, games or videos to watch or even playing the games that on board in the ship. Therefore one should ensure that while in the process of Atlantic cruising there should be some form of entertainment depending on the preference of an individual.

Try new things. With Queen Mary 2 Atlantic cruising which majorly entails staying in water for a number of days it would be an excellent experience if one tries to learn a new thing. On recent Atlantic crossings the main new activities that one learn include: head spinning with options of making videos with phones and I pads, learning on how to use water colors and trying to get lectures what exactly is expected to be done while cruising.

Know the timing of the direction you chose. While cruising across Atlantic it’s a normal thing for one to be cheated the amount of time spent while going at a particular direction if there is no proper timing and management. If one chooses the west direction for example he may end up with a full 25hours days and on the other hand if one chooses east direction he may be cheated with 24hrs days. Therefore it is advisable for one to know the proper timing of the direction that he chooses.

Pack carefully. While crossing Atlantic the weather mostly is unpredictable. One should be armed with clothes of types for the purposes of weather change. This will enable the involved character to be able to adapt to any changes without any difficult.


Consider the cabin type. It is a very crucial thing for one to consider the cabin in which he has been assigned. On a positive note balcony cabins are better with fresh air all the time than outside cabins.