aboutJim loves cruises and traveling. He has been to Greece, Santorini,the Bahamas, and Australia, including the Cook Islands. Occasionally his ex-wife Helen goes on his travels with him. She accompanied him to Greece and Santorini. She likes to see where the rich hobnob, but Jim prefers to visit the quiet, out of the way places where he finds locals who treat him as one of their own. Jim is 55 and Helen 51. He’s a journalist who writes a blog about his travels.

For his next adventure he plans to visit England and Ireland somehow touring them via a cruise. After that Helen wants him to go with her to Rome,Venice, and perhaps cruising the French Riviera. He always does his research before his trips, to make the most of his time and money. This is why his blog is so popular. His readers rely on his experience to make their adventures worth their while.

Jim always learns something new on his travels. In Greece he learned to use the men’s room, standing up EVERY time. In the Cook Islands he learned the ocean has spots where it is walkable between islands. He actually picked up a fat lobster on one walk through the ocean and roasted it on a spit on a tiny island. Best lobster he had ever tasted. He wants to learn about the Limerick castle in Ireland and maybe dig some peat out of a bog in Scotland if he can squeeze it in his upcoming trip. One of the first things he learned was there is never enough time to see all he wants to. That is why so much research is done. He reads murder mysteries and many have been set in Scotland, with peat burning in a nearby fireplace. Jim wants to know first hand what that smells like.

Time to add to his blog. Maybe someone can comment on his entry describing his planned trip to the UK and tell him about a cruise in the areas he plans to tour. He loves writing his blog. He even keeps a record of all the info and tips his readers add. Maybe one day he will write a book about his travels. Until then, it’s back to the keyboard and his favorite travel sites, looking for that elusive England/Ireland cruise.