Best Cruises for First Timers

One of the hardest and most confusing question for the newbies in the cruising industry is which ship to try? This is all because there is a variety of ships in different places across the world but one only chooses the cruise that well meets his needs and preferences. On that note the following discussion talks about the best destinations and cruise lines for the first timers.

Carnival Cruise Line. Carnival is the every cruiser’s line for the vacationers who want to have crazy fun without going bankrupt. It the cruise that charges considerably affordable amount of money that cruisers who would wish to have fun at the lowest cost can choose. Some of the best destinations that the newbies can enjoy with Carnival Cruise Line include; Caribbean, Bahamas and Mexico.


Princess Cruises. This is the best all round cruise for the first timers who would wish to have maximum crazy fun. It is known to have a large fleet of ships ranging from 680 passengers to 3600 passengers. The ships comprises of a lot of leisure activities and modern services including: multiple dining venues, varied entertainment, poolside jumbo movies screens, kids programs and spa-like deck space. Princess offers mainstream to destinations such as Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia.


Royal Caribbean International. This is an excellent First Timer families with tweens or teens who need distractions and special attention. Royal provides to the teens entertainments such as boxing rings, surfing simulators, basketball and volley ball courts, zip-lines and rock-climbing walls all found in the T-sets bottom well of the energy of the ships. The destinations that are linked with Royal Caribbean International include: Caribbean and Europe.


Disney Cruise Line. Disney really provides what parents and small children need on vacation ranging from dining and entertainment to child care. The line attends to needs of babies and toddlers of up to 3years providing them with nurseries and a water play area. The cruise at the same time is filled with characters such as Cindellera, Goofy, princes pals and mickey which the babies can get to have fun with. The destinations that best suits and have links with Disney Cruise include Bahamas, Caribbean and Mexico.

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Valentine’s Day – make it a night to remember

valentines-dayValentine’s Day can be a great time to reconnect with your spouse or show your new partner how much you care. A candle-lit dinner at your favourite restaurant, a dozen red roses and a heart-shaped box of chocolates are all lovely ideas, but this year, truly make it a night to remember with some of our suggestions below.

Play with your food

A sexy dessert is a perfect way to set the mood for the rest of your date. Women get turned on by food, and a man who knows how to cook can be even sexier than the actual meal. An added bonus is that sexy desserts can be eaten anywhere and some don’t need bowls if you want to get creative. You can play with strawberries dipped in chocolate or maybe a hot fudge sundae made with vanilla ice cream covered with melted chocolate or caramel and topped with fresh whipped cream and cherries.

Check out the stars

starsIf the weather’s good, make up a picnic basket to include your favourite snacks and drinks and lie in the grass on a soft blanket under the stars. Share what it is you love about your sweetheart and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

If snow is on the ground, head for the hills and be kids for a while and make a snowman, dance in the snowflakes as they fall or make snow angels on the ground. Alternatively, have fun at the local ice-skating rink. Come home to a warm fire and a mug of hot chocolate.

Be a tease

teaseValentine’s day is the day that you want to be physically close to your partner. Build the sexual tension by playing your favourite songs and dancing together. No dance is sexier than the salsa, so find a salsa club or take a private lesson together. Whatever your dance style, enjoy the tease of body-contact as you move to the groove and see where the mood takes you.

Naked Fitness

Studies show that cardio exercise is good for a man and a woman’s libido. Book in a zumba class or a hot yoga session together or try a Wii Fit Exercise at home with choices of tennis, bowling, baseball, boxing and golf. The naked fitness comes after you’ve finished sweating, then it’s time to have a shower or bath together.

Romantic Gifts

romanticBuying a gift from the Valentine’s aisle of your local store or online at whilst you’re doing your weekly shop isn’t imaginative. Put some effort into arranging eleven red roses to be delivered to your sweetheart at work. When they return home, have the twelfth rose waiting for them in your bedroom where you’ve laid out some sexy treats. You can make the twelfth rose an eternal rose, made of porcelain, glass or a real rose gilded in precious metal. This rose will be a reminder of your Valentine’s night together.

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Five tips for your first transatlantic cruise


Atlantic cruising, also known as Atlantic crossing is one of the cheapest and most interesting form of cruising for people who mostly love spending their time in the sea. Atlantic cruising majorly entails two main types that are most practiced by sea lovers and they both bring about fun in crossing the sea depending on the time spent in the sea. The first Atlantic cruising type is repositioning which mostly take place in Caribbean and Europe and mainly takes place during spring and falls when the cruise lines moves their ships in relation to seasons. The other type Atlantic cruising is Queen Mary 2 which mostly involves the crossing Atlantic for the fun of it between the England’s Southampton and the New York City within six to eight days. On that matter the following discussion is going to concentrate and expound on the Atlantic cruise tips.

Bring entertainment. While crossing Atlantic ocean it a good thing to consider on how you are going to have fun in the ship in the one week or so cruising. One may decide to stock himself with books to read in the ship, stocking your phone with music, games or videos to watch or even playing the games that on board in the ship. Therefore one should ensure that while in the process of Atlantic cruising there should be some form of entertainment depending on the preference of an individual.

Try new things. With Queen Mary 2 Atlantic cruising which majorly entails staying in water for a number of days it would be an excellent experience if one tries to learn a new thing. On recent Atlantic crossings the main new activities that one learn include: head spinning with options of making videos with phones and I pads, learning on how to use water colors and trying to get lectures what exactly is expected to be done while cruising.

Know the timing of the direction you chose. While cruising across Atlantic it’s a normal thing for one to be cheated the amount of time spent while going at a particular direction if there is no proper timing and management. If one chooses the west direction for example he may end up with a full 25hours days and on the other hand if one chooses east direction he may be cheated with 24hrs days. Therefore it is advisable for one to know the proper timing of the direction that he chooses.

Pack carefully. While crossing Atlantic the weather mostly is unpredictable. One should be armed with clothes of types for the purposes of weather change. This will enable the involved character to be able to adapt to any changes without any difficult.


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Things to Know When Planning a Cruise Wedding


A cruise wedding? Romantic, right. Imagine getting married in a cruise ship in the middle of the sea! Or maybe in a romantic island under a palm tree. The benefit of a cruise wedding is that you will not have to invite that long list of guests, which would translates to added stress in the logistics. Also, unlike a land-based wedding, cruise weddings are cheaper, easier to plan and it also mean that you will get wedded on your way to your honeymoon, no unpacking will be required. The only problem that you might be faced with when considering a cruise wedding would be mechanical breakdowns, obtaining licenses or bad weather. Plus it is not always an exciting idea to have your in-laws around on your honeymoon.

Here are some of the things you need to put into consideration when planning a cruise wedding:

  • In a cruise wedding, you do not have much say on exactly how your wedding will be. This is because the cruise lines usually offer a fully serviced wedding and there are those that do not allow you to have an onboard wedding. As much as you have a say in the wedding plans, you will be provided by customized packages to choose from.
  • With the increasing popularity in cruise weddings, some of the popular cruise ships are now charging extra charges during some seasons. Your advantage here is that you will be dealing with professional wedding coordinators who have and still plan hundreds of years all year round.
  • If you are looking to have a cruise wedding where you will be married by a captain, there will be a limitation to the cruise lines that you will have access to. This is because there are legal limitations due to the countries where the ship has been registered.
  • There are those cruise lines that have their private islands where you can have your vow renewal or wedding. These cruise lines can therefore perform the ceremony onboard or at the island. However, the legal marriage that involves signing of papers will take place at the cruises terminal before leaving the port.
  • If you want to have your wedding at the port, this can be awesome but comes with some restrictions. Sometimes the ship might have to cancel their call. This is because sometimes the port might require the ship to tender. In case of bad weather, the tender operations might be hampered, denting your wedding plans. This is also the reason why it is not recommended to plan your wedding at the shore during the hurricane seasons.

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